What People Are Saying About CASCADIA


Jules Koostachin, Indigenous Director (Canada)

“It was a proud moment for my film Headhunt Revisited: With Brush, Canvas and Camera to be screened at the 2018 CASCADIA International Film Festival.  I came home from the beautiful City of Bellingham with feelings of connection and inspiration with and by the other fabulous female directors who attended the festival. Cheryl Crooks and her team did an amazing job of making all of us feel welcomed and special. The evening events were not just fun, but engaging with the guest speaker, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, the first African-American President for the Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences.”    – Michele Westmorland, “Women of Silk Road”

“I’ve been a part of the festival twice now, and every time I participate, I am always impressed with the professionalism and most importantly welcoming atmosphere! The programs are exceptional because I find that they really delve into the diversity of the filmic/storytelling process.” – Jules Koostachin, Indigenous director

Directors Michele Westmorland & Yassamin Maleknasr

Heidi Kumao, Filmmaker, Associate Professor at the Stamps School of Art & Design

“At Doctober (2015) I screened my film, “Swallowed Whole” and had a very lively Q&A discussion. After hearing all the gorey details about how the film was made and what it was about (breaking my back), the audience requested that we screen it AGAIN. I have never had that happen!” – Heidi Kumao

“I particularly enjoyed taking part in the Panel Discussion on ‘Women and the Celluloid Ceiling’ which I believe was extremely informative and stimulating for young people starting off in the film industry.” Ariadna Ochrymovych

Ariadna Ochrymovych, Director & Producer, Black Sea Media Inc.

Aurora Alange

It was such a pleasure spending time with everyone involved and taking in the beauty of Bellingham. I certainly hope to come back one day! CASCADIA is off to an amazing start and I would love to support the festival for years to come.” Aurora Alange


What Director Carrie Schrader 
Is Saying About CASCADIA

We were honored to present The Founders by director Carrie Schrader at our April 2017 Film Festival. Here’s what she had to say about her experience with us. Thank you to Talking to Crows for producing this video.

CASCADIA International Women’s Film Festival Script Studio Testimonial

Writer/Directors More Raca of Russia and Sandy Wolfe of Whatcom County, Washington share why they appreciated participating in our Script Studio Session during the April 2017 Festival.

CASCADIA Film Festival 2017
Director Natalie Fedak

Director of the documentary short, 3022 ft, Natalie Fedak speaks on her experience as one of the inaugural class of women directors at the 2017 CASCADIA International Women’s Film Festival.

“The CASCADIA Women’s International Film Festival is a wonderful festival. The program was diverse and interesting, my screening was packed with thoughtful audience members who were excited to engage with the film, and the hosts were incredibly gracious. It’s a beautiful town and a fabulous festival; I’m looking forward to returning the next chance I have!”

-Lacey Leavitt, Producer of “Outside In”

“Festivals, movies and relationships create feelings of joy or sadness. Ending matters as much as beginning. At CASCADIA Film Festival I felt joy, warmth, loved by all and a unique experience screening my film. Colorful like Autumn in Washington!”

-Yassamin Maleknasr, Director of “The Women of Silk Road”

“It was very special to screen Syskon alongside many talented female filmmakers, and so many from SVA! I am appreciative of CASCADIA’s mission and how beautifully executed the entire fest was. Knowing that there are festivals and people out there who are so supportive of us young female filmmakers is incredibly encouraging and inspiring. Thank you for creating a platform for us to come together and share our work."

Aurora Alange, Director of “Syskon,” Sweden via School of Visual Arts NYC


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