By Ivy Monyun

Bonjour fellow film fans! CASCADIA is excited to share an upcoming event with you. 

KCTS 9 presents Five Short French Films in a virtual online screening to showcase five films selected for CASCADIA’s 2020 festival from UniFrance, the French government’s cultural non-profit supporting new emerging French directors, and L’agence du court métrage,

This special screening will be on-demand November 20-22 through CASCADIA’s and the Pickford Film Center’s websites. Tickets for the entire showcase are $10 with half of the ticket costs supporting the Pickford Film Center. Tickets can be purchased through the Pickford Film Center here.

Films include:

Moutons, Loup et tasses de thé (Sheep, Wolf and cup of tea), animated short.

Director: Marion Lacourt

Synopsis: At night, while family members indulge in curious rituals before sleeping, a child invokes a wolf from the bottom of a box hidden under his bed. Disturbing sheep then besieges the door of his bedroom.

La Traction des Poles (Magnetic Harvest), live-actiondrama. 

Director: Marine Levéel 

Synopsis: France’s New Rurals, a group of young, ambitious workers who are electing to live in the picturesque pastures of France’s countryside, take center stage in this love story between a farmer whose prized breeding hog has escaped and his close friend who has returned from a long stint abroad. Adult themes.

Mardi de 8 à 18 (Tuesday from 8 to 6)

Director: Cécilia De Arce

Synopsis: Loosely based on the director’s own experiences, Névine, a secondary school monitor, is fully committed to her somewhat thankless day job, dealing with teachers, administration, and students. Logan, a pupil she is fond of, insists on getting a cap back from lost and found. She has no idea of the consequences of her gesture.

Plein Quest (Due West)

Director: Alice Douard

Synopsis: Mathilde, aged 9, enjoys her last day of summer holidays at the seaside with her group of friends. Her father falsely interprets one of their games.

Sous l’écorce (Under the Bark)

Director: Ève-Chems de Brouwer

Synopsis:  It’s summertime, by the Mediterranean Sea. Garance joins her sister to look after her children. But for a few months now, something alters her appearance. Close to the water and the waves, she meets again with a man that she once knew.

Tickets are $10 and half of all ticket sales go to the Pickford Film Center. More about these films on the Pickford Film Center’s website and CASCADIA’s upcoming events page.