The Ramba Effect

For Ramba, the last circus elephant in Chile, freedom is the hardest trick of all.

Guided by compassionate experts and a devoted team of volunteers, Ramba, an Asian elephant who endured over 50 years of isolation in a Chilean circus, embarks on an extraordinary 2,550-mile journey to her new home at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil.

CASCADIA International Women’s Film Festival, in partnership with Seattle Documentary Association, presents a free, special online screening of this film, “The Ramba Effect” a work-in-progress, from 6:30-9 p.m. Wednesday, June 28. Register and receive your free tickets here.

Directed by Claire Sandberg, a resident of San Juan Island and first-time director, “The Ramba Effect” tells the heartwarming story of the effort to rescue Ramba from its circus life in Chile. The screening is being presented to provide director Sandberg with audience feedback of her film. It’s your chance to help a filmmaker finalize her feature!

Ramba as herself in a scene from the film of the same title.

Assist Director With Feedback

Major studios frequently host private screenings to ‘test audience’ reaction and response prior to publicly releasing their films so that they may ‘fix’ problems and tailor marketing efforts. This online screening will serve a similar purpose for Director Sandberg.

Immediately following the screening, you’ll be able to share your observations, comments and thoughts about the film in an online feedback discussion. You’re asked to provide answers to the filmmaker to questions such as: What as the most compelling part for you? What was the least compelling? Why?

The June 28 event will run as follows:
6:30 – Event opens / SeaDoc intro (Sandy – brief rundown of the event schedule)
6:35 – Filmmaker intro
6:40 – Attendees watch the film
8:00 – Attendees fill out feedback forms
8:15 – Feedback discussion
9:00 – Closing

Film is free of charge but requires registration. Click on this link to register and receive tickets for the film.

Please note: this 80-minute film is only available Wednesday, June 28 at 6:40 p.m. It is not available as video on demand.