CASCADIA’s 2022 festival directors.

CASCADIA opened short film submissions last week, August 15, on Film Freeway. Submissions are open for short films 25 minutes and under that are directed by a woman. Films must have been completed and released AFTER October 2021.

Additional information about CASCADIA’s rules for short films can be found on CASCADIA’s  Film Freeway page. These submissions are for short films only.  Our feature films are curated.

The 2023 festival will be our seventh. We’ve now proudly shown the work of more than 150 women directors since the first festival!  We hope you, as a follower of the festival, are equally as proud of that achievement. 

The in-person festival will be May 4-7, with an online version May 11-21.  Once again, our audiences were impressed by the high quality of our films. Our short film jurors, of course, are a big factor in setting and maintaining that standard. Each film submitted is assigned to three jurors who review and rate it based on pre-determined criteria by the festival. Our jurors are largely film industry professionals and film professors. About one-third of them are located in the Pacific Northwest, another third are based elsewhere in the U.S., primarily in Los Angeles, and New York, and another third live outside the United States. We are grateful to all of them for lending their time, support, and expertise to CASCADIA to make it the highly selective festival it’s become.

If you or anyone you know has a short film directed by a woman that you’d like us to consider, please check out our submission page on Film Freeway.